Saturday, June 24, 2006

Czech De Phatte

Ok...First things first....I, Nimrod, do solemnly swear to refrain from making any predictions whatsoever for the FIFA world cup 2006 after being forced to eat my words by the insipid czechs (refer previous post).

Thursday, 22nd June, Sportsbar (Phoenix Mills) Mumbai

Time Spent: 2 hours 40 mins

Break-up of time spent:

Pre-match arguments (30 mins)
Cze Vs Ita (45 mins)
Gha Vs USA (45 mins)
Post-match profanities (10 mins)
Beer (2 hours 40 mins...cant dissapoint Bacchus)


Milan Baros was suffering from amnesia which explains why he forgot that he is a good striker
Tomas Rosicky was suffering from home-sickness and wanted to return home early
Pavel Nedved was suffering his suffering team-mates but try as he may, couldn't do too much alone
All italian players were suffering from a shift in their centre of gravity and therefore kept falling down on their own
The referee was suffering from short-sightedness and imagined that the czechs were responsible for the italians spending so much time on all fours
I am suffering from an acute case of ego inflammation so these comments need to be taken with a pinch of salt :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Saint Tomas...

Finally a goal that makes you sit up and take notice....and, finally a player who just might make this world cup his own.

Ladies and gentleman...Tomas Rosicky

The man was everywhere. With able support from Nedved and Poborsky, he came up with a brace worthy of the mighty brazilians.
Pace, Power, Accuracy, it was all there on display as the US of A were given ringside seats to a carnival of artistic soccer. Agreed, the americans aren't the toughest of opponents (who ranked them no.5 in the world??), but you still have to give the czechs their due. Imagine the result if Milan Baros was also playing instead of warming the bench :))

Can't wait to watch the Azzuri take on this extremely talented team around a week from now. The famed italian defence will definitely have a job on their hands, if they wish to keep Rosicky on a leash. This guy is definitely in the race for the golden boot and he could have had a couple of more goals yesterday to aid his campaign.

Chelsea better watch out next season coz there is a new gunner in town...and he is firing on all cylinders.